Three More Tuesday Tanka

Learning to Write #21 Autumn has arrived, and these three tanka reflect different aspects of the season. Sort of. Cricket isn’t designed for autumn is it? Wet grass slows play down, and the chilly wind makes it harder to keep your pint steady in the stands. And politics. AutumnĀ is the season of party conferences in… Continue reading Three More Tuesday Tanka

General Election Haiku 7

Learning to Write #15 The penultimate collection of my daily election haiku. The finish line is in sight! This weeks debate has been dominated by Teresa May and her u-turns, the plight of the NHS and Jeremy Corbyn’s reluctance to make a firm statement about nuclear weapons. It is very odd that people put so… Continue reading General Election Haiku 7

General Election Haiku (cont…)

Learning to Write #10 After four days, my observations so far – writing a haiku a day on the same theme does crank your thought processes up and it forces you to limit the edits, because it’s only a short few hours until the next one is due. It makes you work. And I think… Continue reading General Election Haiku (cont…)