The Victor Comic

Learning to Read #1 A recurring theme in education and schools studies is that many boys appear to lose their love of reading at around the age of 7, and from this point onwards, their attainment in reading and in English falls behind that of similarly aged girls. In honour of being an exception to… Continue reading The Victor Comic

Charles Bukowski

Inspirations #1 Charles Bukowski is one of my principle inspirations when it comes to poetry; not particularly for his fractured personal life, the drinking, the races or his attitudes towards sex and women- although if you read Bukowski then you can’t ignore any of these things. His poems are firmly rooted in the bars, the tracks, the bedrooms and the streets. The language is rough, the form… Continue reading Charles Bukowski


This blog was prompted, in part, by a short lived nickname. I’ve had a few nicknames, over the years, including Dobbin, DrBob and Blobby. But it was Jonah; that was the one that set me to this. I’d been keeping myself busy with the challenges of keeping busy, and the suggestion was made that I was ignoring a… Continue reading Why?