How I break Angels

Learning to Write #23 I wrote this ages ago, and tried my hand at knocking together an abstract video for it (link here). It’s about good people and the ways we discourage them. I like the idea, although the execution is rough and ready. It’s all part of the learning curve 🙂 The poem was…

Blurring the Line

Words and Faith #4 Two pieces to share, from that big space in my personal Venn diagram where poetry and preaching intersect. Firstly, I read a blog about the sacrament of place – those physical spaces where we particularly experience God’s grace. This struck a chord with me, because I’d preached the previous Sunday on…


Words and Faith #3 This was an Easter celebration created by Lister Hill Baptist in Leeds; I added the Haiku, they were words that seemed to fit. Are they about Easter and the Christian faith, or are they personal and about romantic love? Either/or. You choose 🙂

Poetry & Truth

Words and Faith #2 I’ve just finished reading “A Generous Orthodoxy” by Brian McLaren, which is hugely readable and thoughtful book about the Christian faith. It describes different traditions in faith, different styles of church, and the benefits of maintaining an open and inquisitive, and accepting, mind. One of the chapters, particularly, struck a chord with me….


Words and Faith #1 One of the things that drew me back to poetry was the realisation that many of the prayers that I was writing as a Methodist Local Preacher were really spoken poetry in composition and style. Clearly, something inside was trying to get out. I’d had a lot of positive feedback about…