Three Topical Tanka

Learning to Write #27

tuesday tanka 6th feb 18.JPG

Three things happened – Scotland won the Calcutta Cup, The Heavy Falcon flew successfully, and friends of mine won national awards for being awesome women in IT. The diamond tanka, above, is for the latter – inspirational people that I am lucky to know and to work with, who have risen above plenty of challenges and taken their careers and their influence, to new heights. Applause for Tanja Lichtensteiger and Sally Bogg.

As for the rugby, well, I was gloating before the match kicked off, totally confident that England would win easily and how wrong I was. We pressed, then gave away a penalty, then got caught out with the quick break. Rewind, repeat, rewind, repeat. Rubbish. So I owed an apology to my friend for counting my tries too soon. Here it is.


Finally, I think space flight is a big deal, and I worry that we have become too narrow in our vision and too risk averse. We should be out there doing cool stuff. So hooray for Elon Musk and the Heavy Falcon. And hooray for an American dream that looks outward and not endlessly towards protectionism, self interest and the Second Amendment.




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