Valentines Eve Tanka

Learning to Write #26

WP_20180213_12_39_37_Pro (2).jpg

Two Tuesday Tanka. It’s Shrove Tuesday here in the UK and also Valentines Day Eve, which isn’t really a thing, but made for a nice theme. It’s the hopefulness before the crushing disappointment, the chance to take a chance followed by the inevitable playing it safe. Firstly, to everyone who’s ever joked about the huge number of cards they will be getting, knowing full well that it will be none or one, or two if their mum is being kind. Sometimes I wonder what it must be like to get a handful of cards, to be in demand, but that’s not my lot in life and you have to find happiness and make the best of what you have. I’m grateful for (hopefully!) getting one card 🙂

Secondly, this is for everyone who, for whatever reason, has sent a sensible Valentines card but also bought another one for someone dangerous or stupid or reckless or futile or some combination of the above. I’ll just put this into the post box….. and maybe not.

WP_20180213_12_39_20_Pro (2).jpg

I know it’s a big marketing thing and is totally superficial, but hey – if you want them to, then I hope good things happen for you.


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