General Election Haiku – The End

Learning to Write #16


The final few, we’re here – polling day! Brutal, exhausting, variable in quality…. But enough about my daily election haiku 😉 It’s been a blast, and I’m glad I’ve done it. It has been hard to work quickly and put something out to a deadline when it is only 70% done. It has been hard to think of new ideas and not just rehash old ones. The discipline of haiku has been a pain in the bum. But the whole thing has been fun, and it has pushed my creativity up a gear.

The first one, above, was inspired by a colleague who said that all Christians would naturally vote Tory. Pardon? Who was the biggest socialist of them all? Who did a significant part of the groundwork for the modern union movement? Faith and voting go hand in hand, no matter which side you are on. Faith side or vote side 🙂 And that’s three haiku right there, count ’em

The haiku below was a response to the sudden rush of national votes we’ve had, and is self explanatory. I wanted to actually stick the words to the sign but it didn’t really work.


I came into the election expecting a landslide bluewash, but given the Tory’s poor performance, I’m not so sure anymore.


But here we are, polling day. I want people to engage. This is really important this year, because the choices are so different, and the paths we could end up on are – in some cases – so scary. I went mad and did a tanka this time. Hashtag versatile.


Thanks for reading, thanks for bearing with me whilst I did this. Tonight and tomorrow morning will be all about this –



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