General Election Haiku 7


Learning to Write #15


The penultimate collection of my daily election haiku. The finish line is in sight! This weeks debate has been dominated by Teresa May and her u-turns, the plight of the NHS and Jeremy Corbyn’s reluctance to make a firm statement about nuclear weapons. It is very odd that people put so much value on whether our PM will destroy the world, and quite disturbing. The background image is the front cover from When The Wind Blows, an 80’s graphic novel about nuclear war, and two plucky Brits who are lucky enough to experience it. It’s not a happy book. It influenced me a lot when I was a teenager though, nuclear war was a recurring nightmare of mine – even before I watched Terminator!

The whole thing feels a bit like a beauty pageant though, hence the next haiku. Never mind the policies, feel the presentation.


I got stuck on a bus that was diverted past my stop, quite annoyingly, this week. That felt like a metaphor for the election, so I scribbled something out and stuck it to a road sign. Road Ahead Closed. Hopefully there will be a different road to take. I love it when you see a moment and the poem comes.


Single issue politics is a big deal though, particularly when that issue is of interest to a relatively small number of people and very specific. I’m not sure that’s entirely healthy. The fox was a present from a congregation member that I preached for, and has come in handy for many family and all age illustrations!

2haiku3.jpgAnother single issue is, of course, Brexit, but this is a much larger issue. We’ve heard a lot from Teresa May about her strategy. My take on this is in the red box below. I like the red box comparison between politics and game shows. I think this was haiku number 23 btw, hence the number.


Five more days to go. Thank you for sticking with me xx


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  1. Charlie says:

    Great read


    1. drbpoems says:

      Thanks, it’s been fun!


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