General Election Haiku (6)

Learning to Write #14


The sixth installment in my daily election haiku marathon. I’m quite enjoying this now, I find that I’m looking for a hook, a moment, a phrase or just something to build on. And I get quite excited when I find it, when I write around it, when I get an image to go with it, and when I put it out there. I usually take about 20 to 30 minutes per day to get everything done, so it’s definitely a short term project but I’m quite hyped by it now.

For the haiku above, it was the image that came first, and idea that we don’t pay cash money up front to vote, but that it’s has been paid for past tense, and continue to be paid for present tense, in all manner of subtle ways. And I liked the play on words with “change”.


I couldn’t make my mind up with this one, which football cliché to use for the last line. A game of two halves? Jumpers for goalposts? Plucky underdog? They all fit a 5 syllable last line and seemed appropriate for an election haiku on FA Cup Final day.


Politicians bring us promises like a new lover brings us flowers, and inevitably the petals fall off and we end up with a stick, basically.


People who love their gardens put gaudy election lawn signs all over them, and people who never touch their gardens, do the same. Different estates have different dominant colour schemes, and then with the turn of the election season, they all go again. Finally, I know the haiku form doesn’t allow for lines to overrun but – let’s be honest – running haiku on the theme of elections is a bit of a stretch anyway. I couldn’t just ask Teresa May to change her catch phrase about Brexit to suit my needs 😉



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