More Election Haiku

Learning to Write #12


One haiku a day, every day for the month leading up to the election. Man, that’s like 30 haiku one after the other…. This is the fourth installment. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

The Jeremy Corbyn one at the top was inspired by his appearance at the Brudenell Club in Leeds, with people climbing trees to see him, and a great crowd listening to his every word. All stage managed of course, but good to see some engagement in politics, particularly amongst the younger voters. I couldn’t resist picking up on a comparison with the other crowd pleasing JC. No, not Jean-Claude…..


This was inspired by the overwhelming sound bite slogan culture that has infested elections these days. MAGA! I blame Trump. And May. And Corbyn. And probably Blair.


Voting involves a significant responsibility of course, and one that I think we underestimate and misuse. Can we be trusted with our votes? Should we have little voting tests first to ensure we aren’t just going with the name we like most, pin sticking like it’s the Grand National. The car theme carried on into the last one on here, which was a Friday night, which was a beer night.



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