General Election Haiku (Part 3)

Learning to Write #11


I’m still plugging away – a haiku a day during the General Election campaign. Regular as clockwork. The one above suggests I needed just a few moments to cut loose a little, both in my dislike of the Right Honourable Gentleman and his inner glee at watching the NHS struggle with ransomware, and with the 5-7-5 routine. Would have been better as a tanka 🙂

There aren’t too many great choices in this election, and even though my heart is with the eco brigade, I’m way too old and cynical to vote that way.


Eurovision inspired me to write this, about how the big three or four in the establishment always vote for each other and monopolise proceedings. Immediately after I published this, Portugal won for the first time in the history of Eurovision. Hashtag ironic.


Another thing that I’ve learnt is that your attention to detail goes out of the window when you are always on a deadline to write. Family stuff and church stuff and friends stuff and Doctor Who and Eurovision get in the way! Hence the crappy formatting on the Sunday special below, inspired by the endless parade of talking faces on prime time talk shows.


Onwards ever on, will it ever end 😉 And the election too 🙂


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