General Election Haiku (cont…)

Learning to Write #10


After four days, my observations so far – writing a haiku a day on the same theme does crank your thought processes up and it forces you to limit the edits, because it’s only a short few hours until the next one is due. It makes you work. And I think this kind of discipline is useful for me. I’m deliberately not stocking up a half dozen haiku in advance, I’m trying to find the inspiration and the words all in the same day.

Day two (above) came from the various election promises being made that day, about tax and the NHS and pensions etc. The haiku itself drove me mad, I got the syllable count wrong twice by trying to be clever. The idea behind the bin was to add a little bit of a visual element, to the despair of my family.

My local MP tweeted about door step canvassing, hence day three. It’s all smiles when you’re talking to a potential vote…. That’s my doorstep by the way.


Day four is below, inspired by the posters we’ve got up all over the university campus where I work, encouraging the students to register and then vote. I remember the first time I voted, back in the 1800’s 😉 and what a big deal it was. I thought I was changing the world. Bless!


Honestly, I’m half loving, half hating this so far…. Watch this space.



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