Falling Awake – Alice Oswald

Learning to Read #9 I’m not a big fan of poetry that plays with the layout a lot; word art and lines that go up and down, or round. I’m a bear of simple brain, and it makes me mutter under my breath about sixth form trying to be clever for the sake of being…


Words and Faith #3 This was an Easter celebration created by Lister Hill Baptist in Leeds; I added the Haiku, they were words that seemed to fit. Are they about Easter and the Christian faith, or are they personal and about romantic love? Either/or. You choose 🙂

Screen Burn

Learning to Write #8 Screen burn is something that people will forget about, as they simply don’t have to worry about it any more. It’s like R Tape loading errors, or the holes on the edges of the old folding printer paper – lost concepts in the history of modern tech. uudecode and uuencode. Those were…

Poetry & Truth

Words and Faith #2 I’ve just finished reading “A Generous Orthodoxy” by Brian McLaren, which is hugely readable and thoughtful book about the Christian faith. It describes different traditions in faith, different styles of church, and the benefits of maintaining an open and inquisitive, and accepting, mind. One of the chapters, particularly, struck a chord with me….

No Map Could Show Them – Helen Mort

Learning To Read #7 I enjoyed “Division Street”, with the Sheffield references, with the knowing glances back at the 1980’s and with the sense that the poems were forged from the base metal of working class northern England. This was something that I could relate to. I came to “No Map”, in contrast, with a slight sense of confusion. This was a book that…