The Top 10 Poetry Collections of 2016

Lists #1


I can’t afford enough current poetry to write a sensible top 10 list for 2016 poetry collections and my local library seems a bit nervous about investing in too many new works – but I can use Google 🙂 Here’s a collated list from lists – the top 10 poetry collections as chosen by an assortment of critics and other online voices, with my personal input in there too.

Night Sky with Exit Wounds by Ocean Vuong
Look by Solmaz Sharif
Sunshine by Melissa Lee-Houghton
So Much Synth by Brenda Shaughnessy
The Remedies by Katharine Towers
Say Something Back by Denise Riley
Olio by Tyehimba Jess
Shallcross by CD Wright
Blackacre by Monica Youn
Let Them Eat Chaos by Kate Tempest

There was a bit of a transatlantic split. I choose English language lists, which mainly meant UK and US sources, and there wasn’t much cross over. Certainly, the British poets didn’t make any impact in the US selection, and only three collections went the other way.

Make of that what you will. I see it as an opportunity, to be honest, to hunt down some of the unfamiliar voices on line, and experience them. There is such a wealth of good poetry being published – to a novice like me this is daunting but strangely encouraging.

My Sources

Helen Mort – Five Books

David Orr – New York Times

Kate Kellaway – The Guardian

Publishers Weekly

Elizabeth Lund – The Washington Post

Picador Books

Library Journal

Maria Crawford – Financial Times

Jarry Lee – BuzzFeed Books


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