Learning to Write #3


I feel quite strongly about some things, one of them being that the current funding crisis is driving the British Health Service to it’s knees, despite all the efforts of some wonderful staff who make sacrifices of themselves that go way beyond job descriptions and standard hours. I went to the Imperial War Museum, and visited a friend in hospital in fairly quick succession, and I was struck by the connections between the two. Make Do and Mend. “Never, in the field….” The Spiv. The black market specialist who can get you what you want or what you need, for a price. Those who are happy to play the system and those who are incensed that there has to be a system. Poetry should be a call to arms for these things. It should be a burst of emotion, whether that emotion is love, anger, frustration, happiness, confusion or whatever. It should be a helpful hint to those who want to remember and a big kick up the bum to those who have forgotten and who don’t care either way.

I like the idea of the poem more than my execution to be honest. It isn’t sharp enough, with hindsight, it’s just a bit flabby. But that’s why this blog is called “Learning to Write” 🙂





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