Learning to Write #2


A friend of mine shared a post on Facebook, and it had a stock picture of a woman, sat in her underwear, on a bed, looking distraught. I’d not really been writing any poetry for several years, but this picture niggled me. You know the deal – who was she, why was she upset, what had happened….The little sparks that charge round your brain until you just have to write something down. I bypassed the obvious first thought that this was a typical Dear Deirdre problem page agony aunt “emotional woman/passive victim” picture and put her in charge, and put myself into the shoes of the unseen third party looking in. When you come down to it, though, I think it’s really a poem that reflects those deeper feelings within myself that I’m very insignificant really, and that’s a theme that I come back to quite often. In the big picture we all are really, in the long term. But that’s no reason to hide away, or not to write, or not to find joy in every moment that we are blessed with. In faith, I believe we are all named and valued by a higher power. Even without faith though, life is still special and short and precious.

But this is about wanting to be with someone much more than they will ever want you. In keeping with this affirming thought of minimal self esteem, I did a video which doesn’t feature my face at all, just the photograph. In my first five or six spoken word videos, I tried to be faceless, hidden, shadowed. A very creative and insightful friend told me that this was stupid and I should stop it. There is more to life than looking magazine photograph beautiful 😉



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