Learning to Write #1


This was a poem that came from a very simple moment, as you can see. I had taken the scenic route to work, through a small patch of woodland, and clearly there had been a fairly recent and violent death. The poem was written quite quickly, by my standards, at my desk, in a franchised hospital coffee shop, and on various north Leeds buses. I was trying to express the sense that I have that we, as a species, are determined to make life difficult for ourselves sometimes. We will go out of our way to find things that we can hurt ourselves on or with, and for what? Plenty of people, over thousands of years, would love the chance to have calm, safe lives.

At this moment in time, November 2016, I have done the grand total of one live performance, and this was in it. Yes, I know, I need to be brave enough to get out there more often, make mistakes, share my poetry, figure out how to be better….. But it’s hard. I’m scared I might get pecked into silence….



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