A NSFW Tanka (sorry!)

Learning to Write #24 (It’s only the last one, which contains a swear word and I should apologise for, but it felt entirely appropriate) In his collection of haiku (“Anchorage”) David Cobb quotes some advice he has about writing haiku for 25 years and then publishing just the ten best poems from the whole period.… Continue reading A NSFW Tanka (sorry!)

The Rialto #89

Learning to Read #15 Cut the chat, let’s have some poetry. I’m a simple soul, and it suits me to have cover to cover poetry. Without even a hint of irony, I am going to start this review by saying that I don’t hugely enjoy pages of dissection and analysis of poetry, or weighty reviews. I… Continue reading The Rialto #89

Three More Tuesday Tanka

Learning to Write #21 Autumn has arrived, and these three tanka reflect different aspects of the season. Sort of. Cricket isn’t designed for autumn is it? Wet grass slows play down, and the chilly wind makes it harder to keep your pint steady in the stands. And politics. Autumn is the season of party conferences in… Continue reading Three More Tuesday Tanka